All Roads Lead to Leeds


Apr 2, 2014 0 Comments

Greetings, Earthlings!

You’ll be alarmed to hear that I’ve found myself in a creative bind of late, and it’s all my own fault. You see, ever since my mammoth scribblings of two weeks ago, I’ve held back from posting anything on here, lest it unwittingly raise expectations that I’m acquiring some kind of uncharacteristic frequent blogging habit. However, seeing as this news will be old hat in a couple of days, it can wait no longer.

This Saturday (April 5th), the lovely Katie Thistleton and the far less lovely me will be hosting the ‘BAFTA Children’s: Behind The Scenes’ event (in English, according to the marketing, which makes a mockery of all the Lithuanian lessons I’ve been taking) as part of The Leeds Young Film Festival at the Hyde Park Picture House, situated in the glorious land of my birth and jewel of West Yorkshire, Leeds. It’s a live, interactive showcase of all sorts of Children’s BAFTA-y stuff, and although I don’t want to make too many outlandish promises, I’m pretty sure there’s going to be some high worth prizes in the form of Haribo up for grabs. You’ve been warned.


More info and how to book tickets can be found here:


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