Sleeping on the Job


Jan 21, 2015 0 Comments

Having spent two and a half lovely years working as a front of house host at the glorious, creative institution that is The Southbank Centre, I’m bloomin’ delighted to have been asked back to perform at this year’s Imagine Festival in an event called ‘The Big Sleepover’ on Feb 20th. There’ll be activities, a midnight snack (don’t worry, it’s not being provided by me) plus I’ll be conducting a very special, story based tour.

If you’ve got kids and like the thought of exclusive behind the scenes access to one of London’s best buildings after hours, do come on down. Oh, and no yawning allowed.

Booking details and further information can be found here. Actually, sorry, that was a link to the British Llama Society’s website.

The authorised South Bank website is here.

Thank you please x

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